Essentialism: Success must lead to systematic discipline


We all have observed the exponential increase in choices over the last years.
We do not just suffer from information overload – we suffer from opinion overload.
We try to have it all and to do it all.
“We pile up.”
We have lost our ability to filter what is important and what isn’t.
The more choices we are forced to make the more the quality suffers.


Do you feel like your time is constantly being hijacked by other people’s agendas and problems?

Success must lead to systematic discipline.

Otherwise effective working is not possible and our success suffers.


Let’s assume that you are repeatedly contacted via different contact channels.
That your attitude is constantly tested and that you are seen as a ”go to” person who is always there.
We too often fall into the trap to say YES, in order to be polite, in order not to hurt the other person.
We want to create TRUST.
The result is that stress goes up and our quality goes down.


We are not successful, when we try to make a millimeter progress in a million directions.
But we create tremendous momentum when we concentrate and accomplish the things that are truly vital.
When we stop trying to do everything and to be there for everyone, our life changes.
When we stop saying YES, we can make the highest contribution towards the things that really matter.
Then real happiness comes into our life.


Now you will say …

Trust is important in our life.

That is right!

But when trust leads to too much distraction, when we feel out of control and our work suffers, then we have done us a great disservice.

We are not untrustworthy when we see us as important. 


If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.


We often talk about priorities.
We reflect what is important and in the end we lose us in other people’s agendas to control our life.
We live the life others expect of us.


Saying NO requires not haphazardly and stressed saying NO, but purposefully, deliberately, and strategically eliminating the nonessentials.


Essentialists ask themselves:

“Will this activity or effort make the highest possible contribution toward my goal?”


The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. ~ Lin Yutang


People are effective because they say “no”, because they say “this isn’t for me.” ~ Peter Drucker



Essentialists ask themselves:

“Is this the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time?” = Highest point of contribution





Success can distract from focusing on the essentials.

Our outer world seduces us.

Too often.


Now you will say …

I can’t decide if the #1 skill in life is (A) prioritizing, (B) letting go, or (C) prioritizing letting go.

When you have done some “letting go”, you won’t have to decide about priorities .. there is not much left  :-)

The wise lets go what is not important and then pursuits consistently the essential things.


( Source: essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown )




Judge a man by how he treats others … judge a man by whom he gives #trust. ~ Karin Sebelin


Our world is open-hearted and tolerant.

One day we will be judged by how we treat others .. by whom we give our trust.


How can trust develop when we don’t show it, when we don’t live it?

Tolerance creates nearness, creates humanity.


People who live trust share these characteristics:

- They see people with open, interested and human eyes.
- They integrate people in their life.
- They are fair, transparent and have a heart.
- They share knowledge
- They share own opinions
- They share about themselves
- They are highly engaged
- They deliver continuous inspiration
- They show passion
- They are authentic
- They motivate others
- They are helpful

…. they communicate trust


Do you need more points to understand what trust is about?





















What is #love ? Love is .. meditating together ..


The energy of many is stronger than that of just one.

When we meditate together, our different energy centers connect with each other. Thus everyone benefits. One can even get rid of a persistent problem by meditating with others. Sharing our vibrational energies with others can have quite powerful effects.



Love is energy